Is it just me or do different headphones feel better depending on the genre of music you are listening to?

For example, right now I’m listening to music on simple wired earbuds 1 I have plugged into my computer. I swear grunge and rock music just sound right on wired earbuds.

However, rap and hip-hop sound better on my AirPods. And then electronic/house music sounds best on my over-ear headphones.

Maybe it’s because certain headphones go better with each aesthetic? Wired earbuds for grunge makes sense, because of the distorded sound and the rawness of the music. AirPods for rap and hip-hop because of the bass and the clarity of the vocals. And over-ear headphones for electronic/house music because of the deep bass and the high treble.

Obviously, this is all unnecessary and most people just use one pair of headphones all the time. I like to cycle through my headphones depending on what I’m listening to and what I’m feeling. And also no matter how comfortable a pair of headphones are, that comfort always wears off after a few hours.


  1. JLab’s JBuds Pro are the best wired earbuds. They are cheap, have great sound quality, and are very comfortable. I’ve been using them for years now and have multiple pairs.