v.2 release notes

Welcome to the second edition of my website! After nearly 3 years of the original asboyer.com and 994 commits later, it was time to close the chapter on the original variation. I built it completely from scratch, essentially using the process as a way to teach myself web development. I started with just HTML and CSS, and eventually implemented JavaScript and jQuery, as well as flask.

I built this site off a Jekyll template, that way I could run this page off GitHub pages for free! It’s integration with Markdown provides a more frictionless process for adding content, in a way I couldn’t replicate on the old project. That means you will be seeing a lot more blogposts and updates, so be sure to sign up to the mailing list below! I would love to hear feedback on the new site.


1. Boyer’s Blog

  • Tags: Here you can see the tags for each blog post which is pretty cool.
  • Categories: Organize your posts into different categories for easier navigation.
  • Authors: Find posts by your favorite authors.
  • Ease of Posting: Making it simpler to publish new content.

2. Projects

  • Project Page: A dedicated space for showcasing your projects.

3. Home

  • Home Page Enhancements: Improvements to the home page presentation and usability.
    • projects
    • news
    • notes

4. Mailing List

  • Improved Mailing List: Enhancements to the mailing list for better user engagement.

New Features

1. Theme

  • Tags: Easily categorize your content with tags.
  • Categories: Sort your content into categories for structured navigation.
  • Authors: Highlight the authors of your content.
  • Ease of Posting: Streamlined process for adding new posts.

2. News

  • News Page: A new section for the latest updates and news.

3. Notes

  • Notes Section: A place to keep and share notes and shorter content.